Effective Ways To Save Money On Clothes


We all love to shop for chic and elegant clothes, shoes and accessories. The problem is that sometimes, we find our wallets empty after replenishing our closet. If you are too familiar with this scenario, then this article is for you! Today, we will be listing some effective ways to save more money.

First of all, one of the most important things to remember is to go for the basic pieces with good quality. This will enable you to save more in the long run because you will be able to use the pieces for a longer time. Also, basic pieces are easy to mix and match, so there will be no need to go outfit shopping every other day.

Another clever way to save more is to buy clothes that are out of season. It may feel weird to buy sun dresses during winter time, but you can get huge discounts if you do this.

Choose to shop at online stores that are known for their cheap, but cute clothing pieces. Because of the internet, it is now so easy to buy products in just a few clicks. The good news is that there are so many amazing stores such as PrettyLittleThing. With so many elegant and chic pieces to choose from, you will surely find this store as the perfect shopping haven for those who want inexpensive, but beautiful outfits. You can get bigger discounts if you use a Pretty Litte Thing discount code.

Since we are talking about awesome online stores, you can also check out Beauty Bay. Launched in 1999, the company is now considered as one of the most popular beauty stores today. They have over 10,000 hair, make-up and skin care products. For huge discounts, make sure to use a Beauty Bay voucher code that can save you 10% or more off your order as well as get you free shipping.

Back on our saving tips for clothes, you should go easy on trends. You do not have to buy each and every fashion trend that comes out. Buy pieces because you like them, not just because they are currently popular.

Learn to DIY your clothes. Most of the time, clothes just need some alterations to give it a new life. Know the basics of sewing and see for yourself how easy it is to work on your old clothes and make them look like new ones.

Again, there are a lot of things you can do to save more money. You just need a little patience, and sometimes, a surge of creativity to ensure that your clothing budget is on track.

Simple Ways to Look Fabulous and Fashionable Without Spending Too Much


One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to fashion is that you need a lot of money and expensive clothing items to look fabulous. While there are a lot of expensive brands that are truly worth every penny, the fact still remains that you can be as stylish as your favorite celebrity without even spending too much. To help you achieve this, here are some ideas you may want to try.

First thing you need to do is to choose clothing stores wisely. There are a lot of good discount and outlet stores where you can find amazing clothing pieces and accessories. These stores often replenish their stocks every couple of weeks so they have a wide array of brands and trends. You can also try thrift stores if you want. While these stores are not as glamorous as discount stores, they are nice if you want to save more money.

Another great idea is to take time to research on the sale dates of various stores. A lot of department stores offer big discounts that your wallet will surely enjoy! To always be updated, you can follow the social media sites of your favorite stores to know their latest news and announcements.

Also try shopping online. There are so many awesome websites with discounted clothes and good finds. There are also many sites that offer free shipping. One disadvantage of this is the trial and error process for the size. So, if you want to save by buying on online stores, you can just opt to purchase other items such as accessories.

Aside from shopping from stores, you should also not forget checking out your closet. Reacquaint yourself with your wardrobe and check out the pieces that you might have forgotten. A lot of us are guilty of hoarding items without realizing that we already have so much in the closet. For pieces that you do not want to use anymore, you can always donate them to charities.

You can also look fabulous without spending too much by getting some of your clothes tailored. A cheap skirt can look like a designer brand with just a couple of stitches. If you can sew, you can also do it yourself. For example, you can replace plastic buttons with more expensive-looking items such as metal or pearls. You can find these on some online stores and trimming shops.

Last is to shop for classic pieces that will last longer. As what most top fashion experts say, it is better to have a small closet with good quality pieces than a huge one with items that do not fit you and your style well.

These are just some of the ways to look fabulous without emptying your bank account. Always remember that aside from looking good outside, you also need to feel good on the inside. This just means that if you want to be stylish and fabulous, always have the confidence to carry yourself with style and elegance.